Monday, August 6, 2012

Favorite hang out of the West Coast Rich

Hang out of the Rich and Famous in Northern California.

 Director, artist/writer, Farrell Hamann

Phone in Sacramento, CA: 916-641-7696

Have some coffee!

Moonbeams on your Naked Booty

Magnus the pug dog is wary thinking I want to grab away is bone! 

Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Frog
Sacramento, California

 My homemade green shorts made from recycled, high thread count cotton

 Most romantic love video and greatest proposal ever! Dave & Kate 

Light Rail cars in Sacramento, California 

Cool Free old Movies!! 

Above: Great Blue Frog and the Snake!

Billionaire Elite Club of Northern California (Sacramento, CA)

Great Blue Frog and the Boiled Cabbage

Bully stole my lunch!

Why I hate Mitt Romney!

Anthrax (in my fan mail)


Toxic killer Robot Bugs from Outer Space

Easy millions from Twigs!
Public art. Sacramento, CA
Del Paso Blvd

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Second Saturday Art Walk (Every Day!)

Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Writing
Sacramento, California
Bozo pigeon says Farrell Hamann's cool art installation in his all metal building is the coolest art gallery/museum in Sacramento and Northern California. Please come for the Second Saturday art walk or give a call and come anytime. It's outside in a 350 sq. ft barn so you can drive right up.Located about half way between Sierra Oaks and Arden Oaks and about a block from The Kitchen Restaurant on Hurley. A very short distance from Greer Elementary School on Dealynn.

"Unique Collection" The J. Paul Getty Museum
"A world of visual gems" The Sacramento Bee
"Beautiful" Oprah Winfrey

The collection have been featured may times on television in Sacramento and also Santa Barbara where the artist first started working as a visual artist. It is a cool place to bring well behaved children and it is a truly unique collection with many museum quality artworks.

 Artist/Writer Farrell Hamann. Has work with acrylic paint on canvas, sculpture, mosaics, and ornamental iron. (Made some of the fancy gates on estates in Montecito, California where Oprah Winfrey lives. Lived in Paris and New York City, and worked on ships in Alaska. Had a writer's file with Tonight Show. Has work in the White House collection, The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Petaluma Museum, and with celebrities.  

Famous mosaic eggs. 

Please contact the artist, Farrell Hamann for a private showing. We are very casual over here and, as a studio artist, I'm here much of the time. Not hard to find. Dealynn is a one block long North/South street a short block East of Bell and there is only one way to turn. We are in a small complex just off the corner of Hurley. 

Phone: 916-641-7696

One nice thing, you can just drive up to my building and you don't even have to get out of your car if you don't want to... (suggest you do, however and you can bring kids and the dog and even smoke a cigar. 

This is a new instellation so I'm going to post this and go out and get some good photographs.

Thanks for visiting this site. I'm available as a art consultant and a writer. 

Bitey Cats, Candles, and Stolen Cupcakes

The Rachel Maddow Show

Gay day at the Celestial Cat and Pug Art Gallery in Sacramento, CA 

The (nearly) naked old man artist and writer, Farrell Hamann dressed in his fig leaves

Tar sands oil is the dirtiest oil on the planet Earth. It is much more likely to rupture and oil pipeline and much more expensive to clean up! 

Lamb sculpture

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