Monday, August 6, 2012

Favorite hang out of the West Coast Rich

Hang out of the Rich and Famous in Northern California.

 Director, artist/writer, Farrell Hamann

Phone in Sacramento, CA: 916-641-7696

Have some coffee!

Moonbeams on your Naked Booty

Magnus the pug dog is wary thinking I want to grab away is bone! 

Farrell Hamann Fine Art/Frog
Sacramento, California

 My homemade green shorts made from recycled, high thread count cotton

 Most romantic love video and greatest proposal ever! Dave & Kate 

Light Rail cars in Sacramento, California 

Cool Free old Movies!! 

Above: Great Blue Frog and the Snake!

Billionaire Elite Club of Northern California (Sacramento, CA)

Great Blue Frog and the Boiled Cabbage

Bully stole my lunch!

Why I hate Mitt Romney!

Anthrax (in my fan mail)


Toxic killer Robot Bugs from Outer Space

Easy millions from Twigs!
Public art. Sacramento, CA
Del Paso Blvd

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